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Vindale Research specializes in building highly segmented consumer panels that help clients gauge product success, assess consumer perception, and create revenue generation programs.

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Product Evaluations

Vindale Research enables product evaluation and feedback that benefit both the client and the consumer panelist. Panelists are encouraged to test products and services and complete an 8-point survey about their consumer experience.


  • Receive access to new promotions and products
  • Know they are providing valuable feedback
  • Earn rewards for their participation


  • Draw unique responses from potential new customers
  • Access qualified consumer leads through focused channels
  • Gain feedback on success of product trials and promotions

Vindale Research creates a “value add” for its clients by supplying key findings on the consumer experience along with qualified consumer leads.

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Panel Assembly

Vindale Research works closely with midsize research firms to provide access to unique panels drawn from its database of more than one million active panelists. Clients:

  • Specify criteria that meet their targeted needs
  • Assemble one or more panels from a pre-qualified database
  • Reach their key demographic through the use of comprehensive survey technology

Vindale Research recently launched new technology that affords its clients more control by letting them directly self-serve their panels. This breakthrough in technology and customer service is transforming the market research and lead generation category.

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Lead generation

Vindale Research provides two distinct forms of online lead generation:

Targeted Opt-Ins (O/I) that deliver qualified leads. Using demographic results, promotions target only relevant, interested consumers who then enter valid contact information. Vindale Research ensures high quality data, efficiencies of operation, and no redundancies. O/I lead generation never includes pre-checked boxes or forced opt-outs.

Qualified Opt-Ins result in the highest quality data available. Vindale Research qualifies its member panelists through in-depth survey questions to guarantee an interest in promoted products and services.

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Are you a business looking to reach highly segmented consumer panels that can help you gauge product success, assess consumer perception, and create revenue generation programs?

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