Vindale toolbar

Looking for a way to earn more money with Vindale Research? Install the FREE Vindale toolbar and get the latest information about new earning opportunities, new studies, and the latest news. Plus, keep an up-to-the-minute display of your account balance visible at all times.

The Vindale toolbar takes just a minute to install. To download it, simply click the button to the right. For instructions or help installing the toolbar, visit the help pages.

Download FREE toolbar, installs in seconds
NotificationsNew survey notifications Get notified the instant a new earning opportunity becomes available. NotificationsExclusive survey access The Vindale toolbar provides access to private surveys and studies. NotificationsSpecial deals Immediate access to partner deals and panels looking for members.
  • No spyware - The toolbar does not collect or transmit personally identifiable information and does not monitor personal toolbar usage.
  • No adware - The toolbar will not expose you to unwanted advertisements and will never launch pop-up or pop-under advertisement windows.
  • Easy uninstall - You can easily uninstall the toolbar at any time using the toolbar's standard uninstall package (Add/Remove Programs in Windows, Add-on Removal in Firefox, etc.).
  • Customizable - Add widgets for weather, YouTube, iTunes, Babylon, games, and more!
Wed Feb 17 08:55:30 EST 2021